Calibration service

Do you need trackable calibration and a certificate for your measurement device?

Why meters have to calibrate:

  • Maintenance of reliability requires regular calibration which means verification of read-out with a known value
  • the quality systems of companies needs regular calibrations of the measurement devices
  • if the devices get mechanical blows, they can break down, but shows read-outs anyway. These faults usually come out in calibration.

Calibration means comparing read-out of the measurement device with a known value to ensuring the accuracy of the measurement result

As time passes accuracy of the every measurement device weaken. With calibration the accuracy can be restored to acceptable level. It is recommended to make calibration yearly to the most multimeters and testers. Calibration ensures operation accuracy of a device and quality of the measurements. This is absolutely essential and usually required by the quality system of an organization.

Our calibration service contains cleaning a measurement device, calibration, a calibration label on the device and the calibration certificate.

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calibration service

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